City Physio | Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre has been providing musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the MLC Centre for over 30 years. Our team are expertly trained in providing detailed full-body assessments and delivering personalised treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, headaches, neck and back pain

Nicola Michell

Principal Physiotherapist


Nicola has both Commerce and Physiotherapy degrees from the University of Sydney. She commenced her physiotherapy career working closely with Premier League Soccer and State League netball teams, as such she has a strong hands-on approach to diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries both on and off the field. Having worked extensively in several medical/ surgical wards in several private hospitals in Sydney, she also has significant experience treating and rehabbing acute orthopaedic injuries such as ACL repairs and fractures. She is also ICU trained and regularly performed chest physiotherapy and early mobilisation of acutely unwell patients in this role.


Nicola has a background in treating long distance and ultra-marathon runners and has a strong knowledge in biomechanical analysis, sporting efficiency and performance, and exercise prescription.


Nicola also has a special interest in headache management and neck pain, and is certified in dry needling.

Matthew Hagerty

Senior Physiotherapist


Matt has been delivering high quality health care since graduating with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney. He is passionate about sports and this carries over into his work, having a special interest in the diagnosis and management of acute sports injuries. He has worked with a number of semi- professional sports teams in the past and including serving as the Head Physiotherapist role at the Parramatta Two Blues Rugby Club. As part of this role, Matt has developed an exceptional ability to devise specific and graded rehabilitation plans for athletes to achieve optimal outcomes in a timely nature.


Matt has been trained in the use of muscle energy technique for the lower back and pelvis and is well equipped to manage those niggling lower back complaints that just won’t respond to other treatment modalities. He believes in an emphasis on effective communication and patient centred care, allowing a mutual understanding of goals during the rehabilitation process ensuring all patients have a positive outcome and experience. During his career Matt has been a mentor to students from various universities, passing on his knowledge to the next generation of budding physio’s.

Janice Lum

Practice Manager


Janice is our Mother Hen. With a clinical background in Occupational Therapy as well as extensive Administration experience, Janice ensures the practice, its therapists and clients are well looked after and everything runs smoothly! Janice is the master of managing the clinic so if you have a question on how things work with us, feel free to send her an email or speak with her on the phone. Janice will be returning from maternity leave mid 2018

Kelly Wu



Kelly is studying at UTS and manages our front desk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! She is happy to help you with any enquiries or appointment needs!

Nana Kawaura



Nana is studying at the University of Sydney’s Business School. She will greet you with a friendly smile and is happy to help you with any payment or appointment needs (in English or Japanese!) on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.