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Welcome to City Physio

City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre has been providing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in the MLC Centre for over 40 years. Our team are expertly trained in providing detailed full-body assessments and delivering personalised treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, headaches, jaw, neck and back pain.


City Physio’s goal is to find the source of the problem, reduce your pain and get your back to what you like doing – faster! We pride ourselves on treating each and every patient with care, compassion and attention to detail and providing you a comprehensive set of tools to not only sort the current issue, but prevent it from recurring!


We have a combined experience in a variety of fields- including on elite sporting fields, gyms, large physiotherapy practices all over Sydney, hospital orthopaedic departments, maternity wards and in ICU to name a few! This allows us to assess each patient in our practice in a detailed, wholistic way meaning you get a treatment tailor made for you, your goals and your symptoms. Need to play this weekend- ok then, lets see what we can do! Keen to hit pre-season faster than stronger than last season- easy peasy! Tried somewhere else and it just didnt work as well as you hoped- no problems, we love giving second opinions!


We want to fix your problems permanently- sort your current symptoms, abolish their contributing factors, show you how to prevent them recurring and keep you pain free and performing at your peak! No bandaid solutions at City Physio!


City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

City Physio is conveniently located in the tower of the MLC Centre in the heart of the Sydney CBD, Martin Place. Appointments available from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday.



Suite 1004, Level 10
MLC Centre
19 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000



(02) 9223-1575