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Nichola Michell

Chest Physiotherapy

(Chest Physiotherapy currently unavailable due to Covid-19. If you require Chest Physio urgently we recommend contacting your local Public Hospital Physiotherapy Department as they have better access to the additional PPE requirements for aerosol exposure)

Chest Physiotherapy includes techniques used to loosen lung secretions, making them easier to drain or cough out, and to assist in clearing of chest infections faster and more effectively.

A trained physiotherapist will take a full subjective and objective assessment of the presenting condition considering a wide range of factors including smoking history, lifestyle factors, cough strength and any doctors notes. They will then listen to the chest with a stethoscope and determine an action plan to resolve any infections faster, clear the lungs efficiently and provide a take-home plan

Techniques used in chest physiotherapy may include:

  • Postural drainage
  • Percussions and vibrations
  • Cough or huff techniques
  • Deep breathing exercies
  • Home exercises

City Physio has ICU and HDU trained physiotherapists on staff who have an extensive background in providing chest physiotherapy in a variety of clinical settings and conditions. We make all of our chest physio appointments a double/ extended slot (45mins- 1 hour) as we find that prompt and effective assessment and treatment has the best success rate. In most cases our patients have significant benefit after just 1 treatment, with most patients requiring between 1 and 3 treatments for full resolution. Call to make a chest physiotherapy appointment now!