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Suffering Ankle Pain?

The ankle joints and feet are the link between your body and the ground. The ankle joint is made up of four bones shaped to make the joint stable, while increased stability of the joint is provided by ligaments and tendons found on the inside, outside, and front of the joint.

Ankle sprains, Achilles injuries, fractures and instability are just some of the injuries we commonly see in our clinic. Acute onset ankle injuries are the most common. Often these occur on the sporting field following a rolled ankle or collision, or with slips and trips in the street or work place! In some instances, foot and ankle pain can creep up over time seemingly without cause. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced with all types of ankle pain, with extensive sporting backgrounds and stints in many of the large orthopaedic wards around Sydney! Your physio will do a full subjective and objective assessment of your ankle considering a wide range of factors including; referred pain from the low back, the mechanics of the whole lower limb and foot, strength and balance of the muscles surrounding the ankle, sporting technique, motor control, footwear, and biomechanics.

With professional assessment and prompt treatment from your physiotherapist, many ankle injuries can be successfully treated completely within a few treatments.

Ankle and foot injuries we commonly treat include: