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Lower Back pain

Suffering from Back Pain?

Between  65-80% of the general population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It can present as a dull ache, sharp or shooting pain, or even sensations of burning, tingling or weakness. It can occur in both the lower back and upper back areas and extend out to include the buttocks and hip and even the ribs, chest, and shoulder blades in episodes of middle back pain.

In the upper back, we need to consider the shoulder blades, neck and rib cage when assessing pain and any other contributing factors. Shoulder blades that move unevenly or prematurely are a big factor in diagnosing and treating upper back pain!

Alternatively, in lower pain we consider a wide range of factors including referred pain, the biomechanics of the lower limb, alignment of the spine and pelvis, strength and balance of the muscles surrounding the spine, core, and glute stability, are all considered. This ensures that the cause of your pain is treated and not merely the symptoms.

Your physiotherapist will also take into account the demands of your sport, your job and day to day life, when diagnosing and treating pain. For example, desk users often have tighter hip flexors that may be causing an imbalance around the low back and pelvis, whereas a rock climber may require higher ranges of shoulder blade movement to allow for the long reach distances required by the sport.

With all of this, your physiotherapist will devise an appropriate action plan to not just reduce pain, but also prevent recurrence, eliminate, and control contributing factors.


Our Physiotherapists


Our Physiotherapists are well trained in the assessment of all back pain types, including postural pain, pain coming from rib joints, facet joints, disc injuries, SIJ dysfunction and weakness.

City Physio will do a full subjective and objective assessment of your back. Treatment will utilise a range of manual therapy techniques like massage, manipulation, dry needling and taping to help manage your symptoms and exercises for your back to ensure it is strong and stable into the future.  If necessary, they can also refer for additional scanning or further assessment if required.

With professional assessment and prompt treatment from your physiotherapist, many back injuries can be successfully treated completely within a few treatments.

City Physio In MLC Centre

City Physio & Sports Injury Centre has been providing musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the MLC Centre for over 30 years. Our team are expertly trained in providing detailed full-body assessments and delivering personalised treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, headaches, neck and back discomfort.  Book your Online Appointment Here.