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Suffering Groin Pain?

Groin pain is common in both sporting and non sporting populations, but most frequently occurs in high speed running, change of direction, or jumping and landing sports. Injuries to this area can include tendonitis, osteitis pubis, and muscle tears.

The hip is one of the largest load-bearing joints in the body and due to its strong relationship with the pelvis, hip pain can present in a variety of ways and can include sharp pain in the front of the groin, deep buttock pain, radiating low back or knee pain, aching at night, problems with sporting performance, or even pain with sitting or deep squats.

Treatment of a groin strain is dependent on its severity. Low grade strains are treated with manual therapy, ice, relative rest, and a graduated strengthening program once the muscle has begun to heal – usually 1-4 weeks. Higher grade strains may have a significant impact on such basic things as walking on a flat surface, and they may prevent return to sport for up to 6-12 weeks! These more severe groin injuries may require prolonged rehabilitation to allow the muscle to heal and progressively strengthen it over time, and to prevent complications. Some severe cases may require scanning to determine the full extent of the injury, and to more accurately plan the rehab process.

Your physiotherapist will do a full subjective and objective assessment of your hip considering a wide range of factors including referred pain from the low back or pelvis, the mechanics of the whole lower limb, strength and balance of the muscles surrounding the hip and knee, squat or sporting technique, motor control, core stability and biomechanical analysis.

Common hip injuries we treat include:

  • Hip flexor tendon injuries
  • Groin injuries or groin strain
  • Trochanteric bursitis
  • Cartilage tears
  • Glute tendinitis
  • Arthritis
  • Hip Impingement (femoro acetabular impingement- FAI)
  • Pain with squatting

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