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Shoulder pain
Shoulder pain

Suffering Shoulder Pain?


The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which relies a great deal on surrounding soft-tissue structures such as tendons, ligaments and muscles to maintain smooth motion and stability. As such it is incredibly prone to overuse conditions where smooth tracking and large ranges are required- such as golf or tennis serves. Moreover, as we spend the majority of our day using our arms and hands, the shoulder is required to provide stability and accuracy of movement for the majority of the day. Any small changes to its loading pattern, postures or stability can therefore compound, leading to overuse injuries over time.

Your Physiotherapist will do a full subjective and objective assessment considering a wide range of factors including referred pain from the neck or upper back, sporting technique, biomechanics including the positioning and movement of the scapula (shoulder blade), and postural issues that may be irritating your shoulder. The rotator cuff itself will also be tested for any weakness, imbalance or sign of muscle tears.

Common shoulder conditions we treat include: